A little about me. I’m a danish artist with a travelers hart. I now live in Copenhagen, wherefrom I work as an artist. My great passion is drawing and colorful art.

I began painting when I was about 14 years old. Since than I have been painting on and off until I decided to dedicate time and money in developing my skills. Art became a part of my life in Málaga, Spain, where I have lived for 4,5 years and where I found a great teacher, Pedro, who’s as Spanish as you can be.

He has a big temper and a warm humor, and will tell you when you make mistakes “as big as Barcelona” but also when you do a great work.

It’s also through him I discovered my love and passion for “pastel colors”. Don’t get me wrong – I also love oil painting, pencil drawings and other styles. But right now my painting/drawing “style” fits the pastel colors like a glove.

The strong and very big variety of colors, the many different paper-styles and the “fast” drawing-process is giving me great pleasure. I have a big weakness for pop-art and powerful design – which is an ongoing inspiration in my own art as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy my art and feel free to send me a comment or two when you see something you like.
– Best

about me