Private Drawing Classes in Copenhagen

I now offer private drawing classes in Copenhagen for adults where I live and work as an artist. My great passion is drawing and colorful art. And through the classes we will discover different drawing styles and ways to play with color and black and white.

The classes can consist of 1-4 students at a time (depending on registration), and the teaching takes place in my private home and studio.

We will begin with basic drawing knowledge and work our way through the different techniques. Together we will select the exact drawing style you want to focus on.

I began painting when I was about 14 years old. Since than I have been painting on and off until I decided to dedicate time and money in developing my skills. Art became a part of my life in Málaga, Spain, where I have lived for 4,5 years.

I teach drawing in different locations in Copenhagen and have now decided to open up for private drawing classes in Copenhagen.

I have a big weakness for pop-art and powerful design – which is an ongoing inspiration in my own art. But I will help you find your own style.

The prices includes tuition min. (2,5 hours pr. class), individual sparring, a personal workstation, an easel, basic introduction to different drawing skills, focus on your personal talent and style and of course some coffee/tea/water etc. 🙂

There will be an additional cost for materials.

I Offer classes Wednesday and Friday between 09.00-18.00. I will put together the teams according to desires and the hours that best fit.

If you are interested, just send a message with your request for day and time, and I will try to make it work. 


Hourly rate DKK 350 kr.



Private Drawing Classes in Copenhagen