Realism Drawing Class Spring Semester

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Spring semester runs 10 weeks – every Monday. You can sign up for 5 or 10 weeks.

  • Mondays: from August 5th th to October 7th from 18.00-20.30 (10 or 5 weeks)

In this drawing class focused on realism, you will embark on a journey to master the art of capturing the world with accuracy. Realism emphasises the portrayal of subjects as they appear in reality, paying attention to intricate details, proportions, and light and shadow.

You will learn to analyse shapes, lines, and forms, breaking down complex objects into basic elements. You will study the interplay of light and shadow and explore how these essential elements sculpt the objects they aim to depict. And you will always choose your own images to work from.

In the culmination of the class, an exhibition is held, showcasing the students’ work. This exhibition will be a testament to the students’ hard work, creativity, and newfound mastery of the art of realism.

You can choose between 5 weeks (every second week) or 10 weeks (full semester). I always adapt the schedule to your wishes and plans. The final schedule will be sent out before classes begins.

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No previous experience is required

You are more than welcome to use your own materials, but if you’re missing anything or wish to upgrade to artist-quality materials, all art supplies needed for this class can be purchased at an affordable price in a student package from Tutein og Koch.


Dawing class

Drawing class 10 weeks Monday, Drawing class 10 weeks Thursdays, Drawing class 27/11, Drawing class 5 weeks Monday, Drawing class 5 weeks Thursday

2 reviews for Realism Drawing Class Spring Semester

  1. Elisabet

    Christine is an amazing teacher. She trully helps the artist in you come up in every class. Her classes are relaxing and fun at the same time. If you love drawing or would like to start drawing, you should definetly sign up for her Monday classes

  2. Iliyan

    The best way to start off your week. A diversity of people, art style’s and masterpieces in the making. Christine makes working in realism, something most people view as extremely intimidating, into something simple and extremely fun at the same time. With just 3 pencils and an an eraser, Christine teaches you how to recreate life and as your skills develop more she shows you how you can make something completely unique with the art of realism. The class isn’t solely in graphite but also soft pastels, so those that like to or wish to start working with color have to opportunity to do so with a very amazing and versatile medium.

    It is truly a great experience with a good price, I recommend it to both beginner’s and more experienced/veteran artists, trying something new or just looking for a way to get those creative juices flowing.

    Truly a 10/10 experience!

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