About Art Attitudes

I’m Christine Lembcke Petersen  and I am aiming to create art that reflects the beauty and power of humans in a society in constant development and where the concept of beauty, femininity and masculinity are constantly being reinvented and questioned.

The name Art-Attitude refers to the use of attitudes as a term of fine art refers to the posture or gesture given to a figure by a painter or sculptor.

whatsoever attitude be given to any figure, that attitude must show the beautiful parts, as much as the subject will permit, let the subject be what it will.

I love strong colors and powerful expressions and I often chose women as an objective, because they are like chameleons – they change their style and look depending on the environment they find themselves in.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Here you can find info about some of my upcoming exhibitions in Copenhagen.

Hope to see you there.

Students say:

Love my weekly art class! My confidence with a pencil has grown so much and it is so special to have a few hours a week to myself!” – Helen Frost

How to go from stick man to amazing drawings in less than a year: join Christine’s drawingcourse!” – Ulrike

Right now I’m a part of an artist collective in Copenhagen called Art Escape Studios, from where I work and teach drawing.

I also make customized art in the form of a personal drawings and portraits.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso