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Do you want to lean to draw realistic drawings?

I have been teaching my own drawing class since 2019 after I returned to Denmark after 5 years in Spain. I love teaching – and seeing the look in my students faces when they finish a drawing they didn’t think they could do is absolutely amazing. 

The class is divided in three parts;

Classical graphite:

  • Learning to scale and do proportions.
  • Combine shadows.
  • Developing your “artistic eye”.
  • Learning to work at an easel.
  • Understanding how to use the different pencils, moldable eraser and working on paper.

White and grey pastels on black paper:

  • First step in the pastel-art world.
  • Learning to work with light instead of shadows in drawings.
  • Working with grey pastels in different shades building on top of the shadow techniques learned from pencil.  

Colour pastels on coloured paper:

  • Drawing style that is similar to oil-painting.
  • Working with layers, understanding colours and how to combine them.
  • Also learning how to work with coloured paper thinking it into the expression of the drawing.
  • Big focus on developing a unique drawing style, and adding elements drawn in freehand

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Christine Petersen guiding a drawing class
"Love my weekly art class! My confidence with a pencil has grown so much and it is so special to have a few hours a week to myself!"
Picture of drawing student holding her drawing of a leaf
Helen Frost
"How to go from stick man to amazing drawings in less than a year: join Christine's drawingcourse!"
Picture of drawing student holding her drawing of Cillian Murphy
Ulrike Kubacher
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